• Championship Roster – This roster can be printed and used as the Official Roster and Waiver of Liability. The 2 pages of this form must be printed on front and back of the same sheet of paper. When obtaining signature from your District Commissioner, please have additional copies available so that he/she may retain a copy. For any questions regarding this roster form, please contact Jeff Alsip or Tim Fulton.
  • Photo ID Form – This form can be sent with photos attached, along with a birth certificate to Jeff Alsip, 500 Barkley Ct, Evansville, IN  47711 or to your district representative. Once signed, these forms can be presented as photo identification at ASA tournaments.
  • Individual Registration Claim Form - Complete this form, including coach’s signature, and send, along with relevant medical bills to Jeff Alsip, 500 Barkley Ct, Evansville, IN  47711. Once signed, Jeff will submit this form to Bollinger Insurance for processing.