National Indicator Fraternity

This reward program has been available to ASA umpires since 1986.  It was originally started as a program for those umpires who have been assigned and officiated in three national championships, but did not qualify or gain approval for International Softball Federation (ISF) certification.  Today it is considered the highest-level reward program for ASA Umpires, not including the ASA Hall of Fame Umpire classification or ISF certification. 

There are currently 2,212 members certified with the National Indicator Fraternity (NIF), with approximately 100-125 added annually.  The applicant must have been an ASA registered umpire for at least seven (7) years, but does not have to be currently active.  To qualify the umpire must have umpired or served as a national championship UIC or assistant UIC for three nationals, or can substitute attendance at an ASA Advanced Umpire School for one of the nationals.  Approval by the local commissioner and the Regional UIC is mandatory for acceptance.  Cost is $15 and the umpire receives a certificate, membership card and a patch. 

The program is popular for those umpires who have advanced to the next level, and as a result have umpired in three nationals.  It is a select group, considering that there are nearly 50,000 umpires nationwide.  Applications must be received by December 1st of each year in order for your name to be permanently displayed in the National Hall of Fame and printed annually in the ASA Case Book.

Print National Indicator Fraternity Application Form.

Current Members



Name Hometown Year
Rick Allen Grovertown, IN 1998
Bert L. Battishill Gas City, IN 1988
Ed Bellows Elkhart, IN 2000
David Bogard Beech Grove, IN 2001
Anne Griffith Griffith, IN 2000
Douglas W. Brown Elkhart, IN 2000
 Gregory Carrie Greenwood, IN 2012
Robert Cash, Jr. Crawfordsville, IN 2004
Steve Chamness Elkhart, IN 1995
David Chandler     Middletown , IN 2009
Bill Collins                Anderson, IN 2009
Danny Cook Mishawaka, IN 1993
Craig Cress Terre Haute, IN 1992
Drew Danik South Bend, IN 2000
Paul DeRenzo Winona Lake, IN 2001
Robert DeVillez Evansville, IN 2004
Larry Dillman Indianapolis, IN 1992
David Dillon Wabash, IN 2006
Duane Dunnington Noblesville, IN 1991
LeAnne Eberts Scipio, IN 2000
 Brian Edge Evansville, IN 2012
Evan Evans Evansville, IN 2002
 Ryan Feuquay Indianapolis, IN 2011 
Jeff Galey Lafayette, IN 2007
Howard Gauger Portage, IN 1993
E. Colleen Gilbert Terre Haute, IN 1989
Mike Golini Newburgh, IN 2004
Mike Golini Evansville, IN 2004
 Tim Gore South Bend, IN 2014 
Tony Greer Indianapolis, IN 2004
George R. Grenert South Bend, IN 1986
George Groff Bloomington, IN 2001
Danny Gross New Palestine , IN 2009
Chris Gryszowka Indianapolis, IN 2003
Ryan E. Guillen Dyer, IN 1997
Robert Hale Terre Haute , IN 2010
James Haley Terre Haute, IN 2003
Kenneth Hall, Jr. Indianapolis, IN 1994
Larry Hamilton Mt. Vernon, IN 1993
Kenneth Hattery Twelve Mile, IN 1986
Jerry D. Hedges Highland, IN 1992
Jay Hemingway Highland, IN 1992
Herbert E. Henry Indianapolis, IN 1990
Donald Hicks Walton, IN 2002
 Eric Hopkins Marion, IN 2011
Carl A. Hortsman, Jr. Newburg, IN 1996
Julie Ann Johnson Alexandria, IN 1986
 Robie Johnson Coeur d' Alene, IN 2001 
Steve Kempher Anderson, IN 2010
Kenneth Kendall Indianapolis, IN 1986
Julius Kish Highland, IN 1988
James Kowalski South Bend, IN 2004
Mike LaGrave Indianapolis, IN 1986
Greg Lockwood Indianapolis, IN 2004
Donald Lombardi Logansport, IN 2002
Kevin MacFarland St. John, IN 2004
Eddie Mayhew Indianapolis, IN 1986
Noel E. Marquis Franklin, IN 1988
Lester Mast Bristol, IN 2002
 Charles McManus Evansville, IN 2011 
Jim Miller Newburgh, IN 2001
Rodney Miller Elkhart, IN 2003
 Rod Morgan Elkhart, IN 2009 
 David Murphy Mooresville, IN 2011
Larry Nantkes Goshen, IN 2004
Jackie L. Nichols Cartersburg, IN 1992
 Glen Olvey Indianapolis, IN 2011 
Nels Oneal West Lafayette, IN 2003
Michael R. Pannell Gas City, IN 1995
Leo Pfeffer Newburgh ,IN 2009
Gary Price Crawfordsville, IN 1992
 Judy Price  Kokomo , IN  2009
Jay Ritter Westpoint, IN 2003
Paul Rogers Greenfield, IN 1992
Brian Sallee Evansville, IN 1997
James Sampson Chandler, IN 2004
 John Sater Newburgh, IN 2010
Ronald Schutte Greensburg, IN 2003
Roger Searing LaPorte, IN 2000
Royal Secor 1993
James Sherman Bloomington, IN 1993
 Ronald Short Elkhart, IN 2014
Ken "Red" Smith Lafayette, IN 2003
Lea R. Smith Plainfield, IN 1995
Theresa Smith Indianapolis, IN 2004
Kathleen Staton Beech Grove, IN 1993
Traci Stoelting Indianapolis, IN 2000
Kathy Strahm Indianapolis, IN 1986
Claude L. Stuart, Jr. Indianapolis, IN 1996
Steven Sudduth Indianapolis, IN 1992
Ronald Lee Summers Elkhart, IN 2000
Shelley "Sonny" Sylvester Indianapolis, IN 1998
Merri Taylor Indianapolis, IN 1994
 Timothy Teutebuch Winamac, IN 2011 
 Tommy Thomason Jasper, IN 2009
Rob Tomey Crawfordsville, IN 2004
Andy Trent Kokomo, IN 2006
Aaron M. Utz Crawfordsville ,IN 2010
Larry J. Utz Crawfordsville, IN 1998
Chris Walker Muncie, IL 2000
Robert E. Watson Muncie, IN 1989
Robert Webster, Jr. Carbon, IN 1996
Brenda Weinstein Carmel, IN 1992
 Tammy White  Fortville, IN 2011 
Randy Williams Rensselaer ,IN 2009
 Brett Williamson  Clear Creek, IN 2011 
Hal Willis Bloomington, IN 2004