Hall of Fame

The National Softball Hall of Fame is the ultimate goal for any umpire who aspires to greatness in the sport.  For an umpire to be nominated to the National Hall of Fame the umpire must have umpired fifteen years and in at least five ASA National Championships, and have been retired at least three years.  To date only four former Indiana ASA Umpires have achieved membership in the National Softball Hall of Fame.  Those individuals are:

Julie Johnson, Alexandria, 2011

Craig Cress, Terre Haute, 2005

Bob Quillen, Indianapolis, 1983

Eddie Mayhew, Indianapolis, 1982

Indiana Hall of Fame

The Indiana ASA Hall of Fame was established in 1978 to honor those men and women who have played a major role in the growth and development of the Hoosier brand of softball.

For an umpire to be eligible to be selected to the Indiana ASA Hall of Fame he/she must have been an active umpire who has been retired for at least three (3) years and the umpire must have attained a state-wide level of fame.  Any umpire who is elected to the afore-mentioned National Softball Hall of Fame automatically is enshrined in the Indiana ASA Hall of Fame.

The following umpires are members of the Indiana ASA Hall of Fame:


Year Name Home
1979 William G. Magley
South Bend
1980 Vern Krauss
Fort Wayne
1981 Edward Mayhew
1996 Robert Hansen LaPorte
2000 Nels Oneal West Lafayette
2002 Lea Smith
2003 Ken “Red” Smith Lafayette
2004 Craig Cress Edmond, OK
2004 Kenneth Hattery Peru
2005 Julie A. Johnson Alexandria
2008 Rob Tomey

Indicates deceased