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Apr 21

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2019 USA SOFTBALL of INDIANA / Wayne L. Myers Hall of Fame Inductees

Hall of Fame Individuals

Rick Allen - Umpire

Rick Allen was an active umpire for Indiana ASA Softball up until 2004. Rick remains on the USA Softball of Indiana umpire staff as of 2019. He is mostly known for his Fast Pitch umpiring abilities where he has earned Elite Umpire status. Rick is a member of the National Indicator Fraternity and is a Gold Level member of the USA Softball Medals Program. He has umpired in seven National Championships ranging from Girls 12U Fast Pitch to Men’s Major Fast Pitch, including serving multiple times as tournament UIC. Rick has dedicated a considerable amount of his time helping others learn and improve their umpiring skills.

Larry Chevrie - Sponsor

Larry Chevrie was a sponsor for nearly 40 Indiana ASA Softball teams over a 25-year period from 1976-2000. His teams, playing under the name St. Anthony’s, ranged from league level to National Tournament participants in the Open division. His teams participated in multiple divisions of softball including - Fast Pitch, Slow Pitch, Co-ed, Women’s and Masters divisions. Larry always made sure his teams were the best dressed, and once you were on the team you were part of the “family.” Highlights of his years of sponsorship include several City and League Championships, 12 State Tournaments, one Midwest Regional and one National Tournament in Las Vegas. After the club closed, Larry remained involved with softball - he is currently the lead groundskeeper at the Byers Softball Complex in South Bend, IN.

Robert (Bob) Cochran - Player

Robert Cochran played Indiana ASA Softball for 18 years from 1970-1987. Playing primarily in the infield, he was known for his quick hands and great arm which made him an excellent defender at second base and shortstop. Bob played for Astros Softball from 1978-1987 and played in Class A ASA Nationals each season with the team. Those teams regularly finished in the top 5 in events that often had 90+ teams competing. Bob was a student of the game and absorbed a lot of knowledge in his playing days that he was able to use in his coaching life after retiring from playing.

Alan Kotso - Player

Al Kotso played Indiana ASA Softball for 26 years from 1978-2003. Primarily a pitcher for his slow pitch teams, Al was also a leadoff hitter with a career batting average over .700. He was part of the first team to play with a 3-man outfield in local, State and National Tournaments, and was known for having a great mind for analyzing the game, opponents and field opportunities. Al played on the 1991 AirVac team that won the ASA Class B National Championship. Teams for which all played, were earned numerous State, Regional and National Championships titles.

Fred Lawson - Player

Fred Lawson played Indiana ASA Softball for 28 years, from 1988-2015. Known as a great infield defender, Fred also regularly hit for power and maintained a batting average over .700. Fred was a great leader both on and off the field and his teams had multiple high finishes in Nationals and other major tournaments. He played baseball at Columbus East High School and immediately began playing softball with his siblings at age 18. Fred helped enhance the image of Indiana softball on the over his 25-plus year career. He was known for being a team oriented player that motivated and inspired his teammates.

Mike McCall - Player

Mike “Mac” McCall has played Indiana ASA Softball since 1975 and continues to play as of 2018. Playing primarily in the outfield, Mac was known as a smart player who was always trying to learn and improve his game. Among many accolades over several softball organizations, Mac has been a part of 3 ASA National Championship winning teams and is a part of two USA Softball of Indiana Hall of Fame teams. He has inspired younger players to play softball and influenced many older players to continue to play and maintain their love for the game. Mac has also promoted the game in many ways - he was on the Evansville City Softball Advisory Council for 25 years and was instrumental in promoting its leagues and many tournaments around the city of Evansville.

Robert Roop - Player

Robert Roop played Indiana ASA Softball for 21 years from 1996-2016. He played at the pitcher position as well as on the corners in the infield. He was an excellent hitter for both power and average throughout his career. Primarily playing in Class A, Major and Super divisions, Rob earned multiple All-Tournament and MVP awards. Consistently hitting over .700 at the plate, Rob was known for his consistent, clutch batting and his excellent glove in the field. He is affectionately called “grandpa” by his teammates for his role as a team leader. His sportsmanship and promotion of the game to younger players around his hometown of Columbus has been exemplary and his influence has started many others on their playing careers.

Bill Scales - Player

Bill Scales began playing Indiana ASA Softball in 1972 and continues to play as of 2018. A versatile all-around player, Bill primarily played shortstop but could cover outfield positions equally well. He has a career batting average over .600 and played on many successful teams. His team won the Class B ASA State Tournament in 1981 and won the ASA 45 and Over National Championship in 1996 with Winchell Clinic from Evansville. He won many All-American awards throughout his 46-year career. Throughout his career, Bill has played the game with great sportsmanship and high quality of play against strong competition. Bill has played on 25 teams that participated in ASA national championships. As of 2018, Bill continues to play in the 65 and over division.

Dr. Jim Waller - Player

Dr. Jim Waller began his playing career with Indiana ASA Softball in 1975 and continues to play as of 2018. A career .700 hitter, Jim has been a member of 13 National Championship Teams and has been known as a great leader both on and off the field. He has been an All-American on five different teams. Jim has been described as an outstanding defensive player and baserunner throughout his playing career. Jim has played in leagues and tournaments for over 30 years since finishing medical training. He has also sponsored league teams every year. Jim has been a great ambassador for the game of softball in Indiana. He has recruited many young players into softball and encourages them to continue playing to this day.

Indiana Gators Fastpitch - Team

The Indiana Gators Girls Fastpitch organization began in 2004 with two teams and has since expanded to a total of 18 teams as of 2018. Founded by Mark Lloyd, their teams range from the 8u to 18u age groups. Among many achievements, they have placed 5th in ASA Nationals at the 18u level and have 3 Top 25 finishes in ASA Nationals at the 16u level. The Gators coaches and athletes continuously strive to build a competitive schedule and compete at the top levels in the country. The Indiana Gators strive to put their athletes in a position of success by competing against strong competition around the country and creating exposure for their athletes to top colleges around the country. Since 2004 the Indiana Gators program has placed over 200 student athletes in colleges throughout the Midwest.

Kokomo Foot and Ankle Care - Team

Kokomo Foot and Ankle Care played Indiana ASA Softball for 21 years from 1977-1998. Fourteen of those years were spent in the Class A Division in an era where tournaments regularly had 40 or more teams participating. In 1989 Kokomo Foot and Ankle Care won the Indiana Class A State Tournament and went to Nationals in Midland, TX. They also had State runner-up finishes in 1990, 1992, and a 3rd place finish in 1997 each time advancing to play in National Tournaments. In addition to competing in Indiana ASA State tournaments, Kokomo Foot and Ankle was a regular participant in the highest caliber invitational tournaments of that era including the Louisville Invitational (LIT), Bloomington Invitations (BIT), Roundbarn, Seymour Invitational, Ft. Wayne and Shelbyville events among other high-quality tournament hosted around the state.