As mandated by the USA Softball National Board of Directors, each Junior Olympic Championship Play team (includes all qualifiers and state tournaments) must have at least one coach within the field of play/dugout ACE Coach Educated in order to participate in Championship Play.  The ACE Coach Education includes a background check. It is highly recommended that all coaches associated with JO Teams complete the ACE Coach Education Program.

Also required Championship Play, each adult on the field or in the dugout must visually display proof of a USA Softball background check (current year).  This includes anyone helping a team warm up on the field prior to or during the game and anyone sitting in the dugout during the game (including scorekeepers).

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*All tournaments listed below (except Regional or National Qualifiers) are qualifiers for USA Softball of Indiana teams only.  Any team may play, but only USA Softball of Indiana registered teams are eligible for the berths.

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