Field Owners' Insurance

USA Softball of Indiana offers discounted Field Owner's Insurance for communities that register their teams with USA Softball of Indiana. "Plan A", waivers required, all players are required to sign an approved Waiver and Release Form.  In the case of Junior Olympic (youth) players, a parental waiver is required.  "Plan B", waivers optional, provides coverage whether or not all players have signed waivers on file.  Both plans require strict field maintenance and inspections.  Waivers must be kept on file by the field owner for a minimum of three (3) years. See options below.

Register with USA Softball of Indiana "Plan A", waivers required "Plan B", waivers optional
You Pay USA Softball of Indiana Pays You Pay USA Softball of Indiana Pays
39 or fewer teams $500 $-0- $1,500 $-0-
40-79 teams $350 $150 $1350 $150
80+ teams $200 $300 $1200 $300

For complete information visit the USA Softball / Bollinger Field Owners web page or contact State Commissioner Mick Renneisen at or via telephone at 812-327-6121.